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hi everyone

I have had a few problems in fsx when I am using the autopilot to land in the default 747. When i disengage the autopilot about a couple of hundred feet above the runway the nose of the aircraft rises sharpely and the aircraft starts climbing until it stalls. All the autopilot is disengaged, as well as the autothrotle having been turned off.

I saved the flight and tried it over a few times to see what was happening...

on a few occasions after disengaging the autopilot the APR button stayed lit and only turned off if i turned off the flight director switch. I normally keep the flight director on even on touchdown, is this correct or should it be disengaged as well?

Can anyone think of a reason why the aircraft would start climbing when the autopilot is disengaged?



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Disengage everything, autopilot master switch, autothrottle, heading, altitude, flight director.. everything.

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