looking to fly online, other than VA.

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Is there sites that allow FSX to fly other than VA's? because the one oi'm on is still using FS'04 and I'm using FSX, and when I connext to there server I'm seeing the correct aircraft they are flying.

I tried GSA, but when I connect there, I see no one on. It might have to do with ports but I'm not sure.

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Have you tried the FSX multiplayer function?

EDIT: Sorry, didn't think that GSA was GameSpy Arcade

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Err Man, I must be dyslexic or something, because I'm meant to say is when I fly on the VA I'm on (Airseatac), the other aircraft I'm seeing is not the right aircraft other pilots are using which is very odd if you ask me.

I looked at Vatsim, and it looks very confusing to me. not sure where to get started with them. LOL

I have FSclient, and I see other servers listed through there, I just can't figure out if there Flightsim servers or not.

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