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I was wondering...I am always just flying around in FS in a Cessna, and after a while I decide to pick an airport, fly there and ask ATC to land. They direct me and tell me where to enter the traffic pattern and I land.

But how is this in reality? Can you just fly wherever you want and just change frequency from approach to tower and ask them if you can land? Or do you have to follow a certain route? And who decides when I can change from approach to tower? In FS you can't tell approach you want to land....

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As long as you are in VFR conditions and avoid controlled airspace, yes, you can. In VFR conditions you are in control of where you are and responsible for proper seperation.

IFR conditionas are a whole different ballgame though.

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But uncontroller airspace is where you don't have to contact ATC right...So what about flying VFR in airspace where you DO have to keep contact with ATC?

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There are some general rules for those conditions, but in reality most of the 'airspaces' you will fly in, have a set of rules defined in the AIP Package which you must comply with.

For example, when you are flying in Glasgow (EGPF) CTR (just happen to have it handy), which is class D airspace, in AD 2.22 - Flight Procedures it states:

5. VFR Flights:
a) VFR Flights in the Control Zone will be given routing instructions and/or altitude restrictions to integrate VFR flights with other traffic.

b) Pilots should anticipate routeing instructions via the Visual Reference Points (VRP's) detailed in paragraph 8 or the routes detailed in paragraph 7.

c) Pilots of VFR flights are reminded of the requirement to remain in VMC at all times and to comply with the relevant parts of the Low Flying Rules, and must advise ATC if at any time they are unable to comply with the instructions issued.


So there you go, eventhough you're VFR, you're certainly not free to do as you please, there are still rules to adhere to, which vary per CTR/TMA etc.

Then in other controlled 'airspaces', (Class A) VFR traffic is not permitted at all, The Schiphol TMA (between 2500ft and FL060, if I am not mistaken), is an example of airspace restricted for VFR. You'll have to fly around it, or descend below 2500, where it is class B.

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