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yes! stupid question i know


is FS9 compatible with vista? its probably been asked a million times.

thanks and happy flying

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Yes, no problem, just have plenty of ram, minimum 2 gigs.
Vista wants one and you need some for FS9.



thanks for your help. i would buy FSX but im too addicted to FSP and dont think i would be able to cop without it, when FSX gets FSP ill invest in it. dont you fsx players miss fsp? its such a good programme

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Anonymous wrote:

...dont you fsx players miss fsp?

If you spend some time in the FSX forums you'll be surprised just how many FSXers are noobs in the sense that FSX is their first ever flightsim. Many of those haven't got a clue in regards to the myriad of add-ons available for fs9.
...and then there are the smart ones who have since bought a copy of fs9 and shelved FSX for the time being. Those are the ones who discuss all aspects of the sim rather than just FPS and GFX cards and other performance issues.

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lol when I read what tailhook said I thought of my self. I bought fsx and I didnt even know they had others thats how much of a noob I was at this game. Then later on I figured out about fs9 and how many scenery add ons and airplane add ons they got and that it would be better for my computer.


i must say i will stick to FS9 for a good while until i can get enough add ons for FSX. i think i would be lost without fspassengers now. and im buying a new pc with excellent specs so i can whack all the scenery up to ultra high and see what ive been missing out on with this slow thing 😀

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