Whoops!..wheres the gear gone?

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Dear Fellow Simmers,
I've just installed two entirely different but nonetheless great aircraft into my fs9.The Red Arrows full file(27mb) with the fs9 upgrade and the wonderful Canadair 415( is there's no langing gear visible on either plane except for the 4 formation in the Arrows.The aircraft are clearly off the ground and the instruments seem to work fine but theres just no landing gear to be seen.Does anyone have an idea why this might be?


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Without looking them up are they both made specifically for 2004 or 2002. Any made for 2002 or for CFS they will have abnormalities like missing landing gear.
If you are using and Nvidia video card, some of the drivers are a problem with this sim, go back one driver and see how that works.
Let us know how you do.



Yeah,you're right Radarman.The Arrows only work with langing gear in the "4" formation because there is a GMAX folder with that download.It's fair to assume then that the Canadair is a fs2002 aircraft.The NVidea GeForce 5200 is a much maligned card.I find that its pretty niffty since the update came out.

Thanks again


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