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I was wondering if there were any freeware programs that could allow me to builld models and paint/repaint them.
Hopefully, this wouldn't be too hard, but if anyone has one in mind then let me know!
Frenchie 😀

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axe Guest

HEY, 😀
ever try G-max?
found now at turbosquid and a good tutorial will help!
maybe this sight has a good tutorial and gmax has one in it if you down load all the extra files with gmax.
you have to register it, its free they are supposed to send you a e-mail with the registration number but, i never got it untill i sighned back in and went to problems with my registration key link and they gave it me on the sight ya and a free register your name for the sight to down load.
trust me its hard
there are some free programs for repaint but photoshop or paint programs work if you follow there instructions on the tutorial and you will need a few more free programs to make work. you need net frame installed a certain installer depending on the windows version, direct-X 9 or better. i did break down and buy abacus FSpaintshop.
good luck its loads of fun<<AXE>>

axe Guest

😳 oh ya, fs2002pro, and fs2004, and fsx should come with g-max and some sdks, you may have to go to the microsoft sight to down load the sdk's (software development kits)<<AXE>>

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Unfortunately, G-Max is no longer free, however, they offer Autodesk 3dMax instead. But there is a catch, it is a trial software only. There is also Rinoceros, another program like Autodesk/G-Max. Look them up. Maybe ther are still free copies of G-Max out there at p2p sites and Bittorrent....if you want to take that risk.

axe Guest

unfortunatly DISCREET no longer handles G_MAX, and auto cad is a few thousand dollers and the 30 day trial period wont even give you time to read the instructions.
second the link i posted at turbosquid is FREE and it is the same G-max that discreet offered for microsoft (microsofts link will take you to discreet)
most design studios are based on G-max like abacus, (a very good one at that). thank you<<AXE>>

axe Guest

oh, another good way to learn is to get the "G-MAX BIBLE" by kelly murdock, comes with a CD with G-max and a lot of other goodies. can be found for a decent price new at
"The only good contribution german military had for military study, is by all there mistakes"-frank ucher;ww2 vet 😀

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