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Has anyone who has used the new SP1 verified that Traffic doesnt take as much as a toll on the FPS as before? I fly with the traffic settings so low, Im practically the only plane in the sky. I was more interested in turning up the eye candy to max that I get 50fps before the patch with eye candy maxed, but with traffic near 40-50%, drops to 15fps..

So, can anyone give a report on the effect of traffic on the new architecture? I wont be installing the patch until friday. Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi all

Yep, sp1 has been a great improvement for my set up, but sorry to say, upping the traffic still boggs it down. I don't know why traffic gobbles so much resource, maybe related to the fact that when I Alt O R, replays have not improved, .. they are still lurching back and forth. 🙄

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