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Hey guys, i'm new to flight simulator 2004 and am having real problems working out how to add additional aircraft that i wish to fly, would any of you expert flyers be willing to assist me get setup as when i read some of the posts and see people flying certain types of planes it makes me want to do it more, types i want are BA,AA, Virgin etc, and a british C130 military plane, all i need is someone to walk me through how its done once and i can take care of it from there.

Thanks in advance and much appreciated.

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1. Unzip the aircraft someplace, it dont matter where

unzip to mydocuments

2. Look in the folder, if you see a bunch of things like model, panel, sound, and stuff, then go back, copy the folder you just unzipped, and paste it in your aircraft folder in fs9.

if you see a second b777 folder, open that folder, if the contents follow step 2, do what it says in step 2

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Thanks Chief, i'll give that a go then, obviously never done this before so i cant wait to get it cracked, so i just need to put the disk in and find the FS files and add the new file into the place you said there ?
and will the new plane (s) then be in my aircraft archive once i load FS and will i be then able to fly them ?

also, the aircraft downloads on this site, are they what i'm looking for for what i need ?

Thanks again, i really appreciate this.

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no, you have to install the program first, then you go into whatever file extension it may be

as in

C/Program Files/Microsoft Games/FS9/Aircraft

thats where you paste the aircraft file...sorry, did not specify Embarassed

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