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The SP1 improved my performance dramatically, however, every 30 seconds I get a terrible stutter that lasts several seconds. I average about 30 fps and the fps do not drop during the stutter, but the scenery and everything else starts to jerk around. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Confirmed! Just installed SP1.
I can finally set sliders higher but indeed it seemes fsx take a breathe every 30 seconds or so.
I managed to get it a bit better by freezing the frame rates rather then just setting it to unlimited.

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So let me get this straight... It's better to set the FPS to 30...40...50.. or whatever rather than setting it to unlimitted?

Why now with SP1?

NSX Guest

I don't understand either, but this is the way I got it better so I'm sharing it.


For me, I've tried unlimited, 10, 20, 30, 40...ect. and have seen no improvment. I did notice that if set to unlimited, the textures take much longer to load which is understandable.

I've also done some research on other forums and it appears that there are many people who have this same problem and it doesn't seem to matter whether you have, an ATI or Nvidia card. I am running a quad core system, I am not sure how that affects the stutters.


fsxsimmmer Guest

the stutter is happening to me as well.

i would be flying along at 15FPS, all of a sudden it drops to 4FPS, then continues. And it happens again in a minute or so.

this is very annoying.

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No one in this thread mentions add-ons. Didn't I read the other day that you should get rid of (at least some) add-ons before installing SP1?

No one have any add-ons?
Everybody installed SP1 according to directions?


FSX was not installed on my computer prior to the SP1 install. For me, it was a fresh install of fsx.


apachee98 Guest

I did a complete install Fresh on a new High end duel core 8800 gtx 1gb and it the game played flawlessly. FR=50+ and most of my settings were at ultra. Then like a dummy i added the SP1 and when i ran it, i got a blank screen at first, then when i went to 3d cockpit it was a green screens. In 2d all i was able to do was look foward because i got the same results as in 3d. Then objects appeared grey with no anything. Frame rate sucked and it stuttered. And most of all it froze in agonizing death. So i wiped it all out and will reistall without SP1. Anyone got any Ideas.


I also run the 8800GTX, but in SLI mode with a quad core processor. I had terrible stutters, but when I backed off the scenery texture size in the display options the stutters went away. That was the problem for me, everything runs great now.

I ran into a problem with fs2004 and the 8800GTX. I updated the display drivers and the clouds turned black and flickered. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the new ones and the problem went away.

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