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Hope someone can help me here. I am trying to install some AI to my flightsim. I already have lots of ai from WOAI PAI installed using thier installers. But I want to install some of my own that are not obtainable by the above.

I have installed the AIA base modles for First choice airways along with the correct textures for each sperate model. I have edited the aircraft.cfg with the correct flightsim number and data.

My problem is trying to install the flightplans. I have downloaded the First choice summer 06 flightplans. The instruction says I need to add the aircraft/airport/flightplans to there respected .txt files within the main FS9 folder ??? I have looked everywhere for these files I simply can not find them to add the information. I know how to use TTools and compile them to a .bgl but where are the aircraft.txt airports.txt and flightplans.txt files in the main FS2004 folder ?

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assuming you have the three required .txt files, you should compile them into a .bgl file and save that file to \flight simulator 9\scenery\world\scenery\ folder.

Then switch back to FS9, and reload your aircraft, or change the time by a few minutes, or increase sim rate to +8 and then reduce it again to normal, which ever way you prefer.... all of this cause the traffic to be reloaded, so if your bgl file is right, you will then see the aircraft sitting at the airport you would expect it to depart from, providing your sim time is at least a few minutes before the departure time specified in the flight plan.

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can you do that on ttools

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