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how can i make an easier landing??

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well i try to land on ajet but i cant so can you help me to how to land an easier way cause i like to land on an i plizz helpme

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Small general aircraft are easier to land than big jets.
Here are excellent instructions from one of our members on landing big iron.


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You HAVE be in a stabilized approach!!!

1- constant airspeed, 2- constant rate of descent 3- constant pitch attitude 4- constant power setting.

If ANY of these things 'gets off' you have to evaluate all four items and apply a correction.

E.g.: Too high (for landing) Pitch down a little and reduce power a little so that the airspeed remains thae same. This will increase the rate of descent,,,,, and and. Very Happy

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If it aint right do not try and correct it....go around!

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Very Happy You realy should start off in a cessna and learn the basics...............but I know,its only a sim,and you want to fly the big iron
Well help is on hand with a download or two and autoland Rolling Eyes

For 737/757/767 and even Airbus twin engines download this panel Arrow

You can learn as you watch what happens to your speed,flaps etc and soon you will be landing without the aid of autoland Wink

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Remember, I good landing is one that you can walk away from, But a GREAT landing is when you can use the aircraft again! Shocked

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I got this one cool 737-700 that flys like a champ and is really sweet but has some bug and will not flair. I have decided that I can make it flair and have tried it all with no luck so far. Since I like the plane so much I now just attempt to float her down the runway and touchdown easy easy easy. She is able to land very softly now but still with all three gear at the same time. Too bad that the flair is F'd up on that plane. Rolling Eyes

BTW, PH is right, real committed simmers go around and don't throw the aircraft on the deck. If you are not ILS then switching from Auto Pilot to manual filght control can be a bit tricky. Easy to land short and or lose airspeed.

Here is a pix of my favorite plane that never fails!! Best sunsets are in FS9!

OUT of PHNL and off to Kahului!

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I downloaded the 'autoland' panel but there is no auto land that I can detect. Also the announcements and switches are not included in the download as advertised. Avsim is a good site but this one is incomplete??

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Shocked Here is a pic of what it should look like Arrow

Top one

The auto land is next to the yaw damper switch

Try another search for cabin announcments or crew announcments

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