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Dear Fellow Simmers,
I only have a PCI interface on my PC so all those delicious,top of the range ASP and PCI Express cards are just a distant fantasy.Can anyone recommend an excellent PCI graphics card for me?My budget is up to €500 or £300.
I presently have the NVidea GeForce 5200 which,to be fair isn't bad with the latest driver( but it all seems like a bit of a struggle.Any advice would be most appreciated.



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😞 Theres not much about in pci graphics cards,I think you have the best Nvidia card thats available now.ATi do a 9200 series pci card,but they are roughly the same sort of spec

With all that cash burning holes in your pocket you would do better to upgrade you system ie new motherboard, and some memory and of course a new agp card,or intergrated graphics/mobo

But with PCI Express now becomming the norm I would hang on to the money(and add to it)untill next year when PCI Express components start to fall in price

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300 pounds = almost $700.00 Canadian (that's where I am)

that's a lot of hay.

I could buy a P4 @3.0 gig, a very decent motherboard, and two sticks of 512 mb. DDR 400 memory for under that amount.

A similarly configured AMD system for even less.

Just something to think about. If your machine is old enough not to have an AGP slot, It is time to move on maybe.


Hi Michael,
I live in Ireland where a house the dimensions of a shoe box costs €300k and a pint of our favourite beverage,Guinness,will set you back €5 and don't get me started about the price of food!

I've a P4,2.4gig-770mb of RAM.An upgrade to the spec you describe with a sexy AGP card would set me back somewhere between €2000-€2500 in this country.So you see if I can upgrade my overworked PCI I'll be happy.Not jumping around with unbridled joy......just happy!



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Sorry Kevin,

I really had no idea about the prices over there. I thought you probably had much less of a computer than what you have.
My assumption was based on your mentioning that you don't have an AGP slot. I am curious as to what kind of a computer you have there.

Your machine is more than adequate as far as the CPU speed and memory go. It's really too bad about the PCI only.

I looked around a bit, and I would agree with TomTT. I don't see anything available that would be noticibly better than your Nvidia card.
There may be something out there though. Hopefully others will see this and maybe point you somewhere.

5 euros = 7.85 Can. per pint.

My God!!

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Thanks for your advice Michael......we don't drown our sorrows over here any more.We gently soak them Smile


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