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[size=18]Hello fellow flight simmers.

We are Flight Level 400 a new Virtual ATC Flight Network that was created in December of 2006. The last of our databases and links are being updated to the web server within the next two weeks and we hope to bring in some very professional traffic and controllers. Fl400 was created by a real world pilot and a real world controller. Our goal is to be above the rest and offer a very professional service to pilots who wish to use it.

Currently we are training controllers per center and have at least 1 ATC Session going per evening. A Saturday fly-in will be scheduled every weekend for pilots to come fly and meet new people with ATC.

We are looking for pilots who wish to fly and have fun. If you are interested in controlling then check back soon. Further updates will be published at time progresses over the next few weeks. For now pilots and controllers are able to register on the forums and registration will take place very soon on the actual website.

FL400 will host for any VA wishing to fly and have fun as long as the VA is able to show activity. Along with having the partner airlines on FL400 we also offer free web hosting to those that are interested as long as they are affiliated with FL400.

Keep checking back for further updates.

Game password is approach ,TeamSpeak is mandatory.

Please use realistic looking callsigns

All times are GMT Page 1 of 1

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