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combat flight simulator3 (three) aircraft only work in CFS3. They donot work in any other flight sim. but,CFS3!!!!!!!
If your aircraft doesnot show and all configurations on aircraft cfg. are correct. its probably the .AIR file.
To correct this its is usually simple.
download "AIRED" at flightsim, avsim, simviation. last one i knew was out was "aired 1.52 updated 806 .zip"
make a folder on your desktop and extract "aired" into that.
make a copy of the .AIR-airfile put in a folder someweres.
open the folder that you extracted aired into.
double click on "AirEd.exe".
and a lil screen opens.
on that screen go to file, then open, browse to were you made a copy of your airfile;and open it.
in the screen pops up all your airfile configurations.
look in there for "105 aircraft type= ".
if a number 2 (two) is typed there it wont show on your choice a aircraft screen in flightsimulator.
so, hilite aircraft type=2 , next to it pops up a lil screen with the number 2 in it.
take out the 2 and on your number pad type 0(zero).
press enter for the zero to over ride.
go to file and save . like you would save in notepad.
close it, and switch the airfiles. should show up on screen and should be able to fly it now.
AI craft are configured this way.
There are many kewl things that you can do with aired.
like add afterburners , water ethynal boost, yer auto pilot stuff ect.
just thought ya might like ta fool with it<<AXE>>

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