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The Mystery of the Dissapearing Plane

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I had a DC-10 that I added on to my aircraft list and it was showing up and I was flying it until now. I can not find it in the list in fsx. I deleted it from the file thinking that maybe it was having errors of some kind and then re installed it back into the list with no such luck.

Anybody run into this problem? What should I do?

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Check under the manufacturer's name.
Be sure you put in simobjects/aircraft.


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Thanks for the reply back.

Yeah I did. I did a check under Douglas and only my DC3 showed up. I usually have all of the aircraft on one page and the plane will be there but not this time. This also happened to my hellcat too. No where to be found.


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If ya know the name of the folder go to search for files and folders and do a search for it

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