Communicating with other is mutiplayer!

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I need help. I can not comunicate with others. I have tried different headsets, and everything. Does anyone know what the proplem can be. Is my PC not reconizing I have a heatset in. Is there a soft ware Ineed to get for my PC to reconize that I have a heatset in. I need Help...... PLease anyone with any computer knowledge. lol.......

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What button are you pushing to communicate. You have to push CAPS LOCK and hold it while you talk then release it

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ken (kennwaskiewicz) Trainee

ya just hold caps lock and it will work unless u r tuned 2 a differnt radieo thing or if ur mic sucks 😎

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n7xlq1 First Officer

Make sure the MIC is selected under PLAYBACK and RECORDING under your sound icon in the systray.. then under recordings make sure their is a check mark in the mute box and 2 DB boost is checked under the mic properties as well?

Also have you tried it with Sound recorder to see if your headset is working?

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