Hmmm, strange question ?

Koci Guest

Can I shut down planes in this game ?
Any WW2 missions or campaigns ?

So many beautifull military planes to download..........

Just asking, I'm old IL2 Sturmovik player Smile

Best Regards


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anonymouse91 First Officer

By shutdown, if you mean turn off, then yes. I think there are WW2 related missions that you can download (if not then just create one) but you won't really be able to engage in combat.


Thank You, I thought about engage in combat, but me english is just
basic Smile

BTW, - cannons and rockets (military planes) are working ?
So, are destructible ?

Thank You again!


Koci Guest

AND, last question, can I make missions, where I have
some target to destroy? Another plane, bridge, building........

Best Regards


Koci Guest

Wow, I really can drive vehicles and ships in this game ???

Can't believe!


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anonymouse91 First Officer

I don't think objects can be destructable in FSX (someone else should clarify this) and I don't think buildings and other things can be destroyed.

And yes, you can download addon ships and cars to drive/pilot

By the way, if it does turn out that you cannot have destructable objects in FSX, you may be more suited to a combat simulator

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

You are right, you can not destroy default objects in FSX but there might be something in a download that you can.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes you can drive vehicles.

Use the arrow in the bottom left corner to navigate to the next page.

As far as firing cannon, this is considered a simulator not a game.
The object of it is to fly not to shoot.
IL2 and others do that.


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