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I have downloaded the fiules for F17 Viper, and have unzipped them. I have read the instructions provided in this Forum, have found folders in FSX like "gauges" and "aircraft" etc.

However, I am confused as to which files under the folder airplanes\f16haf are to be copied to \simobject\airplanes. I tried "model" etc but nothing appears on the "select aircraft" page of FSX.

Also the documentation on installation says the download is for FS2002/2004. Do I need to do any modifications, if so where?

Will greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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You have to copy the whole f16haf folder into SimObjects/Airplanes. As for the gauges, as this is a FS8/9 aircraft, the gauges may not work as expected but you can give it a try. In the f16haf folder, copy the contents of the gauges folder and paste them into the FSX gauges folder (if any already exist in the folder, don't replace them) and do the same for the effects folder (if there is one, copy the files from the effects folder in f16haf to the FSX effects folder).

If the gauges don't work, someone here will probably be able to help you with replacing them (if its possible)

By the way, Welcome to FlyAway! 😀

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Thanks very much. It works now!

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