What would you say about this system for FSX?


Hi all,

I am in the market for a PC and was wondering how this PC would deal with FSX. I wanna play at 1440x900, high settings with many features enabled, and get at least 20fps in cities (after SP1 installation). Possible? The spec is below:

Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz, 4MB L2 cache), may overclock to 2.8GHz
2GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM
320GB 7,200rpm hard drive
ATI HD 2900XT 512MB (ATI's best DX10 card, roughly equivelant to a 8800GTS 640MB)
ASUS P965-Neo motherboard
Widescreen 19" monitor

Please respond.

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That is a pretty good system. You will probably get 15-25 fps on high settings.


737: you are talking to yourself !!!


Hi, there seems to be another GUEST, saying "737: you are talking to yourself !!!".

I am the original one who posted the question. So please, continue giving your opinions about the system.

727FLIER, 15-25FPS is in dense cities, right? Hopefully yes.


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IF the 2900XT is the "rough equivalent" of a 640 MB 8800GTS, then I suggest getting the 640 MB 8800 GTS; it costs the "rough equivalent" of 100 bucks less.

In truth though, from reviews I've read, the 2900XT is somewhat faster than an 8800GTS, and slower than an 8800GTX. It also sits between them in price. So, get what fits oyur budget. All I'm saying is if all you want/expect to do is to attain 8800GTS performance, save $100 and get the GTS. But some folks just want ATI or want NVIDIA...

That having been said, I'm a longtime ATI man myself, but I just got an 8800GTS within the last week (using it mainly for auto racing sims right now). Frame rates exceeding 100 fps in my racing sim, but when I try to run my AF and AA settings up, I get stuttering, even when frames are still in the 80-90 FPS range. But I've got plenty of adjustment to make before I declare that jumping ship was the wrong thing to do.

Maybe it's 'cuz I've stuck an old 3.4 GHz single-core P4 in the system (yeah, I know, but it was free - that's how I was able to swing the 8800GTS.)

Which gets me to your processor/mobo combo. I don't know of any problems with the board you're looking at, but you might want to check out the Gygabite P965 DS3 series of Mobos to go with your processor - people who have that Gigabyte board paired with the 6600 are raving about how fast it is. Got mine for $100, supposed to be easy to overclock, but I haven't tried.

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10-20 in dense cities. That is just my guess, don't hold me to it. Also, If you can afford it I think you would get a lot more enjoyment out of a 22inch widescreen monitor. Also, yeah listen to what mdaskalos said. Go with Nvidia not for only value but quallity as well.

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AA settings on NVIDIA are lower, 2X than on ATi but AF can be 16X like ATi.



Well, I am fine with the 2900XT in the package because I expect it to perform better than the 8800GTS 640MB, due to a much bigger memory bandwidth (106GB/s, due to 512-bit memory interface). But this is with DX10, when FSX has a patch for it.

I really do not know which one would do better in DX10, but I would think the ATI, since it is 'overpriced' and has more transistors as well (700 million). I also like having 'the best', and since I cannot afford the GTX/Ultra, ATI's best will do. I also heard that the CPU is more important to FSX than GPU. That is why I am more worried about the E6600 not having, well, enough 'juice'.

And, I also heard that once the DX10 patch is released, things will change: the CPU will transfer part of its load to the GPU, and be busy with some calculations that enhance the AI, etc. so the Graphics card will end up with more load. I would be satisfied with that, since I think that ATI card is ahead of the E6600. Anybody know that the DX10 patch will change the game in this way?



Also, I expect the newer ATI drivers will 'polish off' the card, so that it is truly faster than the GTS, as its price suggests.

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