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Whats your Favorite VA

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bawls327 Chief Captain

Well I see the list of Va at the top and I always see new topics coming in about some new Virtual Airlines and I just wanted to ask you guys what is your favorite Virtual Airline and give us a good reason why.

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Karlw Chief Captain

Livewire always freindly Always helpfull offers realistic flight meaning you can't first fly a 747 or such but you need to start out at smaller aircraft then work your way up they always welcome you you sometimes get mal when you sign up they announce it at the banner at the top here is a link

Sign in with the user name guest and password as sammy this will show you livewire airlines from the inside and if you like it you can sign up

Goo luck 😀

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My favorite is Virtual FedEx Express. They have a great fleet, helpful and friendly staff, and they are very realistic. They also have FSACARS to track their flying pilots.

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bawls327 Chief Captain

I was very disappointed with that va. They only played on Saturday I tried getting more info out of the ceo. He didnt respond to any of my emails. I just think they got some poor staff members.

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RAFv was the first VA I've tried and I cannot see myself switching, many of the members clearly show the same opinion some have been members for several years and clocked up thousands of hours. I myself am I coming up to my first year there, the training can put some off but it can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of RAFv, which is why I became a QFI.

The fleet is hugely diverse, a couple of times a year a large scale operation is mounted with individual missions and taskings for each of the squadrons, This is the highlight of most RAFv members year.

However its not just the flying thats kept me at RAFv, its the community where every one knows each other and go out of their way to help you with anything from flightsimming to lawnmowers?

If your looking for a Mil VA, I strongley suggest you have a look at RAFv.

ABA4255 Guest

I suggest Alpha Blue. I'm with them now for 3 months. They let you do what you want, to where to want, with what you want, and still give you the hours for it.


I been with Northern Pacific Airways for a few months. They are a fictional VA. You can check them out at

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

I fly with SunCoast and AlphaBlue depending on the type of flight I feel like making. Both have a good group of pilots. Alpha Blue is very free about where you fly and when, but you will get A LOT more multiplayer time with SunCoast.

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