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Pleeeease Help Guys !!!!

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hey guys .. what up !!
well i have fs 2002 and i have a problem please help me with at !!
how can i go 2 the run way automaticly with my plane and how can i chose the run way 2 land on ..
so what can i do with it ..
i know guy your pro and u will help me with that Wink
so thanks soo much and have a good dayyyy Smile

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tomthetank Chief Captain

If I understand your question rightly,when you select the airport to takeoff from you can select to start at the active runway
As for landing Ermm... ATC will tell you which runway to land on

Fs2002's ATC is not as advanced as fs9

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

hiya guys, not being nasty or anything, but posts like the above kinda irritate me, PLEASE LEARN TO FLY THE PLANE AND IF YOU CAN'T READ THE HELP SECTION IN FS OR TRY A FEW LESSONS! please please please do that before posting a message for help, that is the lasy mans (or womens Embarassed ) way out and you could actually pick up others ad habits from using their advice!


Matt Smile

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

It's all cool. We should post a tutorial thread that consolidates most of the FAQ's?

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Michael_H First Officer

here's a good site for airport information.

for US. airports they have everything you want to know including airport diagrams, ILS frequencies, VOR DME. the works.

If you are finding ATC confusing, you can make your own approaches to whatever runway you like without ATC until you have a bit more experience.

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