does a system with vista make a difference

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to your frame rate and has any one seen any videos of a populated city like newyork in the fast planes like the 737 and 777 - 747 and so on

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Well FSX runs fine in Vista (Ultimate) for me with all the graphics turned on and when I put FSX on ultra high (only the top few), it wasn't much of a framerate hit. I'll do a video soon of New York in a jet and then again when I get a new DX10 card.

EDIT: But, don't base decisions on me 🙂 because the system I have, I built myself and it hasn't had any other OS other than Vista so I would recommend asking about an upgrader's experience before getting Vista.

...And as I've been testing it for over a year, I probably would be bias towards it 😉

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thanks man. i was thinking of getting a new system even though i only got my system in June of last year.all of my systems are for fsx only

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