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Taxiing with joystick

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I can use the joystick to turn in the air, but I can't turn the wheels when I'm trying to taxi. Any help?

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There is only 1 solution.. Get a joystick with a twist rudder! I got a 75$ canadian joystick for 24 bucks canadian on Ebay, and it has twisting rudder AND IT IS AMAZING! I was in disbelief how well the twist could turn so good.. it was instant reaction, no swerving one way, then the next. I got the ThrustMaster Top Gun Fox 2 pro, and its wicked.


I have the Saitek Cyborg EVO and it has twist ruuder and an awesome throttle!its only $19.99 US at comp usa.its a highly rated!

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I have the Saitek ST90. I fixed the problem - I had auto rudder off Embarassed

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My input.

I have a beautiful one. It is a logitec wingman forcefeedback 3D. Cost 40 bucks. It has a throttle, twist rudder and it works!!!!!!

Taxiing- Adjust a little null in the rudder and the sensitivity to about half. I, on some planes go into the ac cfg and raise the rudder value from 1.0 to 1.5 and higher!!!

I have taxiing the tri-motor mastered. It relies mainly on diff braking though.

Diff braking while taxiing works so good. When I am taxiing a 747 on a long taxi, I keep it straight by bumping the diff brakes.

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