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Good Day

I tested my computer before I bought FX10 Deluxe Edition; it wasnít until after I installed it I found out that I had only the minimum to run it. Some how I managed to corrupt some files while removing it, so I canít even run FX04.
I am now trying to decide if I should buy a new computer or upgrade the one I have. However money in an issue for me and I want to do it right the first time around.
I have been through the forum and see that no one has been able to run FX10 at full capacity, I would be happy with running at 85% to 95%, but aim still not clear on computer spec. I need to get it that far.
I have looked at Kevin_c329 Posting of 2/13/07, Ids_Soildier Posting of 12/21/06 and will use their spec. as a starting point. I also know that different computer may call for different specs. I have two computers an older HP pavilion mx70 128 and HP pavilion mx704 512, given a choose I rather upgrade my mx70. So here is my question, what are the specs. I need in a computer to make FX10 Deluxe run at 90% or better capacity?
Thank you for your time.

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you could spend 700$ for a completely top of the line system but you wouldnt want to do the work for it..

if you can find and empty tower and if you know how to put a PC together just use the tower and buy all that you want your system to be made up of and build it yourself.

im planning on doing this in about 2 years.

"takes a while to hunt down all the componets"

anyway just a suggestion...

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I wanted to take the time to thank Guest and JarJarBinks for there suggests. Although I must say that ether I donít understand what Guest is suggesting or he didnít understand what I had stated. When FSX first came out you could test your computer to see if it would run FSX. What it didnít tell you and what I didnít find out until after I bought and install FSX was that my computer had the bear minimum to run it. Graphics were not even as good as FS04. So if you were suggesting that I test my computer I already know it wonít work. However if I misunderstood you then please post more detail and thank you for your help.

JarJarbinks; your suggest was more helpful, in doing more research of my option I took the computer spec. posted by Kevin_c329 to Radio Shack they do have a HP Pavilion s3020n PC tower for $550.00. However it would still need some upgrades that would bring price up to the $700.00 you were talking about. Please understand I am just a poor working Joe, and while I donít mind shelling out that kind of money, I do want to do it right the first time around. I canít afford to take my FSX to a computer shop and say build me a computer around this, we both know that would run over $1,400.00 so I need to do the leg work my self, all I was looking for was good reliable spec. on a computer that I can use as a starting point. Thank you for your help and support. Hope to be back flying again soon.


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