a couple of newcomer questions

janm Guest

Hi there, pilots.

I just did my first flights yesterday in fsx demo. NIce experience, i must say.

I managed to pass the first lesson, but the second where you have to land the Bombardier i didn't succeed. So, i have a couple of questions about certain manouvers, since the learning centre is locked in demo version. Please, help me out with this. It should be easy for you.

1. How to decreese the throttle fully in the Bombardier? I was pressing ''reduce throttle'' when approaching the runway, but couldn't slow down to the desired approach speed. I also don't see a command in controls list for this...The copilot says'' put to idle''. How do i do this?

2. Will the parking brake stop the Bombardier?

3. I also noticed i can't make a turn on the ground. 😳 Please, tell me how.

4. I'm using a wheel at the moment. I assume you guys are using joysticks to fly. What's a good joystick for this kind of simulation?

Thanks, i guess this is enough for now. And wishing you a nice flight.


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using a joy-stick is a must

janm Guest

Ok, i managed to land nicely, but couldn't park the plane, because i don't know how to steer on the ground. lol 😳 . Please tell me how to.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

use the rudder controls to steer on the ground.

janm Guest

Thanks, jellrod. I can do turns on the ground too, now. I thought it was only a single switch, that had to be turned on/off.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

SaiTek AV8R-01 or SaitTek ST290 are good sticks for beginner's. They are also very affordable $20-$50. Google search for the best price's. Don't bother getting the Sim until you get a flight stick. Guest

i own a joystick and microsoft flight simulator X but i do not have the controls for joystick. the model is saitek st290 pro

areyousaying? Guest

very bad not to have a twist handle for rudder control!
download drivers from the saitek web site; they have them, if thats what you are saying?

jdbell63 Guest

Hi! I disagree with the joystick a must comment. I've been using FSX for some time with just a keyboard and mouse. I piloted all of the beginner and most intermediate lessons except the soaring. I just bought a ST290 Pro and there is a vast difference. I feel that using the keyboard and mouse to get the feel of the different planes is nice, but not as great as using the joystick.

I didn't need any additional drivers. The twisting rudder control worked just fine for me.

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