Airbus Collection Deluxe Edition: MCDU help needed...

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If you're familiar with using the MCDU, there's point when you need to click on the 'Next Page' section of the MCDU to get to the page where you add all of the fuel load settings. I keep clicking and the display never changes to the new page. Not sure why this keeps happening - I cant put in the Fuel settings...

anyone know of any ideas?

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Scoochy Guest

Which Fuel page are you trying to get to? There is the Fuel Pred page for fuel predictions, and also the Perf page for performance/fuel management.

The only one that I can think of that you may have a problem getting to is the second page of the INIT, which can only be reached before you start the engines.

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Heyjoojoo First Officer

I seem to keep hearing that. I've been following the Mike Ray manual titled "Fly the Airbus 300 Series" and it starts out the instructions with the impression that the engines are running. When you click "Fly Now", the aircraft always starts with the engines running.

So, it's a little confusing.

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