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I'm just about to buy a TFT monitor, maybe 19 or 22"

Is anyone running a 22" with 5ms response rate, is this too high to run on all high settings?

Is it that different to the 2ms?

Would be interested to know what most people are using (mainly people running on all high settings)



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It is such a small difference you don't even notice it.


737FLIER wrote:

It is such a small difference you don't even notice it.

you don't notice it but people do.

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mdaskalos First Officer

I went with the Samsung 22" widescreen with the 2ms response time. With the rebates at the time, it wasn't much more than the 5ms piece.

I use it some for FSX, but mainly for racing sims, and I would say its ghosting is minimal. I mean minimal when you're up against the crash wall at 200 mph watching various logos zip by on the wall. When you're 25 feet above the runway at only 140 mph, everything is really smooth.

It's picture is so fluid, both in FSX and racing, that the improvement in your reactions is such that you almost feel you're going slower. I get lower frames in FSX than the racing game, but with everything farther away in FSX, it kind of comes out even.

In short, I like it.

Just beware that not all "2ms" response times are created equal; manufacturers pretty much roll their own test specifications.


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