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Can someone explain me the tricks of the trade to play FSX on Vatsim? I downloaded and installed FSCopilot and FSinn softwares, but of course, no place on the internet explains anything about how to play vatsim on flight simulator. All i got was small pop windows on my FSX that doesn't mean anything. I didn't hear or see any vatsim atc messages or sounds. Can someone simply explain how one can easily install and play vatsim on their computer? thank you.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

I would suggest you go to the VATSIM web site, read the operations manual and take all the available lessons there before you try to "play" vatsim. It is a real-time ATC to Pilot connection, with other "player" involved. You can't just pop in at the active runway and fly - you are under ATC Control.

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you click on add ons on the in-game menu (press alt to load the in game menu) then click on fscopilot and it should show you a list click on control panel and it should show a little box with fsinn at the top there is a tutorial on how to load the vatsim into the game use this tutorial from there.

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