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Can anyone help this very very frustrating problem i have. I have Windows Vista, every aircraft or repaint of default FS X that i download will not work when i start up FSIMX. The Aircraft.cfg file when i try add some new text : ie Aircraft.1
When i got to save it, windows says unable to save make sure the path and file name are correct. I tried installing a Project Opensky A330-200, copied everything into the default folder (Sim Objects, Aircraft) then went into FSIM and heh guess what suprise suprise i had no aircraft. I cant even install textures to use with the default B737-800. Its so frustrating. Can someone please help!

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

Many say that Vista is not the program to use if you are a big gamer. something with the Vista program

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anonymouse91 First Officer

Well, I have the Vista saving problem too. I have a slight hint that it has something to do with UAC. I just workaround it by saving the file somewhere else, then copy and pasting it over the original.

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mickwill Trainee

I have just loaded FSX on my new Vista beast.

I went to install a freeware program and found that I could not write to the Program Files directory even though I was in the Administrators group.

The way I solved this was to navigate to the Flight Simulator X directory an set the permissions to Full Control for my user.

It worked for me!

Best Regards


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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

anonymouse91 wrote:

Well, I have the Vista saving problem too. I have a slight hint that it has something to do with UAC. I just workaround it by saving the file somewhere else, then copy and pasting it over the original.

Thats exactly what I have to do with any of the FSX files. Once I copy them to desktop I can modify them then paste them back into FSX. Once Ive done that - I can change them inside the FSX folder from that point on. Must be a Vista thing.....

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

jellrod wrote:

Must be a Vista thing.....

as i said many intence gamers and computer programers that i know dispise vista if you are a gamer.

dont ask why i dont understand that PC talk they got

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Hello fellow simmers - Vista Info
I installed Vista HP about 4 months ago - what a nightmare for about 3 weeks, networking problems, UAC problems, on / on and on - and I get around pc's pretty well.
IN SUMMARY - Turn off UAC, which is a no-no by MS Standards
Secondly - I could NOT get VoiceBuddy to work, period - lockups, "program not responding", even with eDimensional's Vista Patch -They could not help me - so after frustration, and talking to MS on my networking problem the MS tech told me that Vista will NOT allow writing to anything in the program files - and to move those types of programs requiring writing to - INSTALL them in the root of C: OR Install then on a second partition or second drive.
I did this, AND ALL IS WELL - things work great - Vista is "trying" to protect it's users by massive "layering" for protection. Again, IF you do this, I can almost guarantee you'll be satisfied - AND satisfied with Vista.
For whatever it's worth, hope it helps and solves your issue.

newsec01 Guest

To everyone who replied thanks so much. So from what i can take it, i must save the aircraft.cfg file to my desktop, edit in notepad (e.g) then replace the original Aircraft.cfg in the main fsim aircraft folder?

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

yes - that is correct. and once you drag it to your desktop,then save it back in the AIRPLANES folder, you won't have to do that again for that airplane. Youcan then make changes inside the folder on that airplane again without dragging to your desktop.

Sparky1987 Guest

For Jelrod and the rest , you'v been a massive help and iv managed to install my first repaint of the B737-800.

No a couple of more questions for you, as you all seem to be professionals with this :

1) I want to use project opensky aircraft in FSIM X but iv been told the aircraft.cfg has to be altered to allow this, anyone know how its done?

2) Can FSIM X have AI Traffic so that if i go to ie (EGLL LND HEATHROW) i will see BA, Emirates, KLM etc etc. I've looked at the AI Website and im just lost.

I'm sorry to be a pain, but any help you could give would be great.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

I haven't figured out how to get Project OS aircraft to work in FSX, I've always just found them in other paces and downloaded them (No virtual cockpits unfortunately).

No as far as traffic, go to World of AI ( and download their installer, then all the airline packages (like over thirty of them) and you will have air and ground traffic at the correct airports. Important - you MUST use their installer to get the packages into FSX. Its no big problem to do so, very easy to follow. You also have to have your Aircraft Traffic in the FSX Settings slifer set to something other than zero. Good Luck

Sparky1987 Guest

Hi again

Thansk for that, im downloading now as i write to you. So with these, will they use the correct callsigns when they fly/operate on ground (I.E American, Emirates, Speedbird etc) or do i have to download something to hear the correct airline names.

Thanks again for all your help its really appreciated

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

Yes - you will hear SPEED BIRD for British Airways, DELTA for Delta, SPRINGBOK for South African and so forth...

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