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OSB767-300ER American Airlines KATL-KSLC

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hey everyone im currently fly a Posky B767-300ER in American Airlines livery from KATL Gate A20 Heavy to KSLC the weather in KATL is an onvercast of thunderclouds and moderate rain with 30-40MI Visibility. I began my IFR Flight at 7:45 A.M. and am currently Cruising over Kansas FL34,000 ft soon and i will be passing directly over denver and start my descent slowly after I pass the Rockies, my flight was delayed a few minutes during the first half do to poor weather and heavy traffic. my designated departure time was 7:25 but after waiting for weather, taxi clearance and ect. it was 7:45 when i first got in-line for takoff I was#7 after several B737`s flown by Delta, Airtran and Southwest and a while after some IFR Landings. anyway i will report back later to update you on my approach and landing.

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ive just landed in KSLC and have taxied to Gate G2 Heavy for deboarding the weather was cloudy and an occasional light rain during my approach and landing. my ATC must not have worked in KSLC long i had to climb because my assigned alt. was lower than the mountains so when i got in the valley i had to descent again. there was a moderate crosswind from the west I had two missed approaches, one due to an ATR fly slow on its landing and another due to the shifting winds. i made a video of my approach when i first started my descending but i dont know how to get it to play over the internet.

when i landed I had a problem slowing down due to a slick runway after an all nights rain but on my approach through the valley i had a lot of water vapor trailing off my wings when i came through the clouds` canopy.

my flight went smoothly until i passes the rockies and was at about 28,000 i had some heavy to severe turbulence on my descent so when i landed i was relieved.

hope you enjoyed reading about my flight.

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That's a nifty report JJB! Very Happy

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