Is Airport Information available inflight?

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Is there any way to access airport info inflight. I have Jeppesen's SIMCharts, so I can print anything I need for a planned flight. The question comes up if I decide to change my flight plan inflight. If the weather is getting bad and I want to do an ILS approach to another field etc, it'd be nice to be able to find correct freq's etc on the fly.


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Just set your GPS for the new airport, then look up the information on the GPS unit. It has diagrams, I believe it also has elevation info, all the com freq. ILS freq.

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Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Or, you can open the map and click on the airport. All the radio frequencies, runway headings, elevation, ILS info-- it's all right there.


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Yes and No. You CAN access weather reports from the air, but not from ANYWHERE. You have to be a certain distance away, otherwise, it wont pick up. I used to know...i thought it was like 20 miles, but that seems too small a number, so its prolly not that. Here's what you do though.

1. Open ATC, Assuming you're using ATC, you'll (hopefully) have radio contact with your target airport.

2. If you don't, and you havent selected a airport, Here's what you do.

(If you do, skip this section, and move on to 3)

2a. Open up the map, and move the mouse over the airport you want to fly to. You'll see a ID, it should look like KGRR or somehting like that, depending on the airport, it'll have letters and numbers. Memorise, or write it down

2b. Exit the map, and open the GPS, Look on the right side, near the bottom, There'll be a little button that looks like a D with a arrow through it. Click it

2c. It'll open a screen on the GPS that has a pink cursor in a box. Click the LITTLE DIAL on the GPS, bottom right corner. The Pink box should have a letter in it, and there sould be something typed in...if not, dont worry.

2d. Whatever's typed in, ignore it. Type in the code for the airport you want to fly to, and hit the ENTER button on the GPS, (right hand side)

2dd. There, you now have a flight path to the airport.

3. You'll be flying direct to your airport if you follwed procedure 2a-2dd. So, when you get around 40 miles from your airport (distance displayed in upper right of GPS) Open ATC, If you have no communication with any airport, you should see an option to see a nearest airport list.

4. Select it.

5. If the airport you want doesnt appear, and there's a option down at the end of the list that says "AIRPORTS FARTHER FROM YOU" Select it. Keep doing this if you cant find your airport on the other lists.

6. It doesnt go on forever, there's a certain distance that you have to be from a airport to contact it.

7. Fly on farther, eventually, you'll get a hold of the airport. After you tune in to it, there'll be a option to tune ATIS for the airport. Select it

8. There's your weather Report!

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