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No 737-800 ILS System

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I've got over 200 hours in the 738 in FSX and about 100 in the CRJ. Up until two days ago the ILS system in the 738 worked perfect (I fly out of KLAS and KLAX). It captures the APPR, but NO glideslope. I fly the same APPR in the CRJ and it works perfect. I know I have all the switches and setting/freqs laid in as it should be, but I dont get the GS in the 738 ONLY. Now is there a file or some code that may be screwed up I can fix for the 738? I dont mind making the visual approaches in nice weather, but I fly into Seattle once in awhile and the weather is less than "broken clouds" if you get my meaning. LOL

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Try using BC (backcourse). Maybe they somehow have had the keys altered.

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Are you activating the Approach Button?

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Sounds like you know what you're doing but check your speed and altitude before switching to NAV - could be tracking false lobes if you're too high or just missing the signal all together if you're too fast.

It's usually speed though - what speed do you approach at?

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😕 a few times while using the default 737 i noticed that my nav1 switch while starting the flight is in the nav2 position? on the far left, way down were it has the flag that say parking breaks on?omi
switching it to nav1 solved my prob with not catching the glide scope.
maybe check if thats right but, you did say you have your switches set right so? 😕

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Thanks for the advice. Like I said, I've been flying the same ILS Approaches for the beter part of 2 months and then BAM - this happens. I will go back and DOUBLE check all my switch positions. (Speed was never a problem - I fly using the check list - I usually intercept the localizer at less than 210 knots, usually at 175kts). I know I have the NAV switch correct and the APPR selected or else the bird would never bank into the Flight path. She tracks the course, but never the glidescope. (I also know I had NAV not GPS selected) Again like I said, no problem in the CRJ on the same ILS.

I'll triple check it all again tonight. Thanks to you all for responding.

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Mea culpa - Mea Culpa

Seems I need reading glasses. Both runways I fly into seem to have the same freq - 111.75 But, what did I lay in? ?? 117.75 - thanks to my wife for pointing it out (as I was ripping out my hair). Thanks to all of you who tried to provide some guidance - next time, just point me to the eye doctor!

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