bad sound transmission in ''learn to fly'' tutorial

janm Guest

Hi there.

Does anyone have an idea, what to do, to hear Rod or Ron in ''learn to fly'' lessons more clearly? The sound i get is awful and can't understand half of it. It's like he was on the moon or something, not sitting in the same cockpit... 😀

Since i just bought the game today, i'd like to know if this is normal. Transmission is really poor.

I tried changing some sound presets in windows, but it didn't solve the problem.

If anyone has an idea, what to do or how to resolve this issues, please let me know. Thanks.


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piper_wichmon Trainee

change the sound settings in the game itself

cantunderstand Guest

I could never understand that dude either,in the instrument one,
kept doing it over and over again, had to read stuff to figure it out myself.
I still get a laugh at the private pilots test thingy!
i think there really is a lil more involved in real life in getting a privates, like ground schoolin and checking out on radio's and so many hours of checked out and oked flight plans with many hours of night flying and landing on intruments alone

janm Guest

Thanks anyways. Did change sound settings in the game before, but didn't improve the sound.

One more thing please.

In learn to fly again 😕 I somehow managed to get through to atc, but can't press ctrl+], when it says i should press it when i get the taxi clearance, or at least it doesn't respond.Tried hitting ctrl+altgr+g, which should be ctrl+], but it doesn't work. Also don't find a command in the commands list for ctrl+]. What is this it wants me to press? Are there any other key commands for this?


notsure??? Guest

i amnot sure what your asking, i kinda forgot what happens in lessons 😞
Do you have your NUM, CAP n SCROLL LOCK OFF?
if your trying to bring up the atc screen its this left of the number
and you pick a answer or order from 1 ta 0
maybe some one else knows what it is?

atc???? Guest

what lesson are you reffering to?
if you donot have a joystick, then you hafta have numberlock on and use 4, 6, 8, 2 for the views on number PAD(right side on keyboard.)
there is a atc simicon that you click with your mouse, or use ` or ~ key
to bring up atc window.
from atc menu you choice 1 thru 0 for the options available.

janm Guest

HI, guys.

Thanks for showing interest 🙂 and assisting.
I was refering to the second chapter of the learn to fly lessons, where you get to know the atc. You take off and land at some other airport in vicinity.

Well, the problem was i couldn't press the ctrl+] command, due to my keyboard not being of such type.

Now, after some research and reading some similar posts and doing some thinking myself 🙂 i found out i only needed to change language settings in windows tray menu to ''en'' as for english and find which key combination on my keyboard stands for ctrl+] in the game and it worked.

Thanks, anyways. See you in the air when i finnish learning.

janm Guest

...but the transmission is still bad and i'm still strugling to understand the guy 🙄 It seems that more i progress through the tutorial the more the guy has to tell me during flights. How inapropriate of him 😀 . It can be done by reading the manuals, but still some asistance can come handy.

Anyone has any ideas on how to improve the sound of his voice? Anyone else having similar issues? There isn't much to change in the sim's sound settings, expect the volume or am i missing something?

If anyone can assist, please do so.


soundset Guest

🙄 ok, english, wouldn't ya know! 😂
when you first start fs2002.
go to "SETTINGS"
then "SOUND"
and there is a "sound quality" slider-slide it all the way to the right.
lower "engines" or slide em just about off
lower "cockpit"
lower "enviroment"
lower "navigation", but, not too much, ya need ta hear your warnings and nav stuff flaps ect.

turn up "lessons/flight.
lower "airtraffic control"
play with em a bit maybe ya can improve it some but don't expect a miracle

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piper_wichmon Trainee

if that doesnt work it may be your sound card. want kind of sound card do you have? you could try downloading the lastest drivers.

janm Guest


Thanks for the tips. I was already trying to change all sorts of settings, but couldn't improve the sound much.
@piper_wichmon: I also thought of my sound card drivers being out of date. I have an onboard sound thing. I'll see what else i can do. Will try to play around a bit more with the settings.

soundcard? Guest

I assure that you are never going to improve that dudes voice, so don't waste yer time with the sound card. when fs2002 first came out, everybody complained of that!
maybe you could with the contol panel and sound, adjust somethin in there. hope ya can hear em, cuzz i kept going thru the lesson about 100 times and pausing and trying to record it and i still not exactly sure what the boob said! 😂

janm Guest

@soundcard- that's what i wanted to hear, because i wasn't sure whether the sound is bad by default or is just my computer. Thanks.

I've managed to improve the sound a bit by lowering other slider in the game such as engine, enviroment, cockpit, advised and i can actually hear his voice better, but still far from clear. Also changed sound settings on my card, changed presets for higher pitch sound...

I think i'll manage it for now. Thanks guys very much for helping me out.


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piper_wichmon Trainee

maybe im just not that picky as you guys are but when i played that all i did was lower the engine and all that to almost nothing and put voice all the way up and i could hear him fine.

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