need help start to finish apprroach and landing

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right i've been trying to learn about how to land on fsx some times it works but most of the time i miss the runway or land 200 m before the runwa y ends meaning i miss the runway can someone please give me a step to step guide includingf landing checklist what instruments to use and which heading to use

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Helps to state what aircraft your using, what type of approach your thinking of doing and perhaps try using the search on this forum for the answers as its all been answered before.

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Not meaning to put you off, I will answer any specific question I can, but you require a large amount of information. They included lessons and The Learning Center within Flight Simulator(FS) just for such training.

For some reason people new to FS want to start with the Boeing 747-400, don't, use the Cessna 172 and you will save yourself frustration and learn faster.

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