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Join Any Virtual Airline with no entrance exam !!

DigitalChaos Guest

Well, I wanted to join the emirates virtual airlines by the

and as many of you know, you need to passs the entrance exam to be able to sign up and become a pilot, well.......not anymore Smile

I found a simple way to sign-up with no need to google answers for the entrance exam or any of that crap! Very Happy


Below is a link to the registration site for emirates virtual but if you want any of the other airlines just change the word emirates in the link below to the airline of your choice, with a few fill in the blanks that you need to fill in.


Simply add your first name next to "Fname=" offcourse delete the "YOUR.FIRST.NAME.HERE" and do the same for "Lname" and "emale"

yes, i realize they didnt spell email rite........but wutever Smile

then thats it, after your done editing copy the link and paste it in your IE, if you werent doing all the editing there in the first place and hit ENTER Smile

The registration website will come up and then just fill in your country and your pilot number, which is any number you want but which is not taken already as well.

and your done Smile just became a virtual pilot Very Happy

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jony96 Trainee

Please put an example with a name, I could not do

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jony96 Trainee

Please put a sample e-mail with name and also because I also loved to join me to Ermiates and I can not pass the test Sad

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honuala First Officer

OMG entrance exams arnt that hard....realy do you need a hack....this is too funny...... Group Wave Ass Ass Ass Ass Whip

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