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I have only recently switched to FSX (after not playing FS9) for about a year. I have not much experience so am looking for something (package) to help me get going and learn some stuff about flying.

I bought Wilcos Airbus Series 1 deluxe and installed yesterday.

To get the most out of my Dula Core, 8800GTX, 2G RAM I am looking at XGraphics, ActiveSky and TweakFPS as add-on utilities.
Any add-on add 'severe' weather conditions ? Any not recommended?

So thats where I am at. I don't get much time to play the game (or other games) with my 7 month old daughter but would love to get into FSX.

What do you guys recommend?


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honestly? Guest

😕 well,
if you want my honest opinion???
i would sell the computer, get a real job, so others don't hafta pay for yer keed, and be commited to raising a proper family.
you asked so thats my honest opinion on the matter, ok! 🙄

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Thanks for your honesty.

So anyway, do people think I'd be better off trying to learn to fly much smaller aircraft ? Flight1s 441 Conquest II ? or a business jet?

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look around at avsim, flightsim

both free to join instant access and almost unlimited searches

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Start with the Cessna or the DC-3. Don't jump into an airliner and expect to fly it NOW.

Work your way up or you'll be disillusioned quickly.

Wait until you can fly and land properly before buying addons.
XGraphics is an amazing program.


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I agree, start with te Cessna learn to fly before you try all the other bells and whistles. It;s like getting your drivers license and jumping into a McCLaren F1 car.

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I would suggest that before you even get into the Cessna, or the Trike Ultrlight for that matter, familiarize yourself with the aircraft, "What are all the parts called?", i.e. Wings ( 😂 , if you don't already know the wings... sell the game! 😉 ), Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer, Fuse, Fixed/Retract Gear, Fixed/Variable Pitch Prop, etc.

Next, the physics of flight, i.e., "What REALLY makes an airplane fly?"

Then read and learn as much as you can about Weather. Different clouds, temperature, thermals, etcs.

After that, learn about the equipment on your aircraft, i.e. the radios, gauges (How does the Altimeter work? What exactly is a Gyro?, etc.), controls, etc.

After that, go into how air traffic works, is routed, different names for specific patterns, etc.

Next, learn about ATC (Air Traffic Control). Read about the terms used, by both the ATC and the Pilot.

Once you go through these readings (actually called Ground School in real life), then get into the plane and start out with the Learning Center's Flight School. Start with lesson one and work your way up into navigation, multi's, helicopters and jets.

And as always, if you get confused, need something explained, or just have general questions, there are always people here to help you! 😉

Good Luck and Happy Landings....


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Sven is correct - in FSX - take a ALL the tutorials. Go through all the flight schools nad get comfortabl with the aircraft and ATC.

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I'd second (third?) what these guys are saying. I'm brand new to FS, FSX being my first, and I'm going through the tutorials in the learning center and beginner missions. I'm having a BLAST!!! Totally addicted! Just finished the Telluride landing in a Lear jet, sweet!!! Be patient, learn, and enjoy.

I'd like to get involved with some add-ons like X-graphics and some different planes, but for the time being, there's PLENTY to keep me going right out of the box.

Good luck!


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Start with the Cessna 172 and figure out how to fly, use the autopilot and the GPS. Slowly mover up to larger aircraft. That's how it done in real life and it's the best way in Flight Simulator also. The worst aircraft that you could start with are the Boeing 747, Airbus 340 or the Airbus 380. The Learning Center within Flight Simulator has information on how to fly, we are here if you need answers for things you don't understand. 🙂

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