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is this rig good enough to run FSX?

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i really want to play just look so damn sexy

im looking for a new rig to buy to run fsx at MAX settings

what you think of this?

i might add some more ram and stuff, and overclock the CPU if i buy this

by the way, do the comms in FSX work now? and like if oyur using a downloaded plane that the other person doens't have in multiplayer, will they see it as that plane? or a cessna?

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Certainly looks nice but 'Gaming' machine it is not. Geforce 7300LE is not enough for todays games and certainly not enough for FSX. That will struggle.

1GB ram needs to be at least 2GB especially with running Vista.

Cheap for a reason and at the very most it could be called a 'Budget gaming' machine.

Rest of it appears fine.

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dang, these top of the line pc's are expensive...i mean 400 bucks for a 512 graphics card?? ..jesus

well what about these? i can add mre RAM these no problem

take a look at the third link...that looks pretty good, 512MB graphics card, and a 3.20GHZ processor, thats good right? im trying to find a pc at a good cost to run these games, anything greater than 800 bucks is pushing it, i'd have to ask my mother to pay half on it and i pay the other half.

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None of the links work, you must have had a cookie for custom page.
List it all here.


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Todays graphics card performance is NOT based entirely on memory size. Dont get caught up thinking that just because one card is a 512mb, that it will perform better than a 256mb. If you want a PERFECT example, at factory clock speeds, my Nvidia 7600GTKO (580mhz w/ 1500mhz memory DDR3) literally BLEW AWAY the ATI X1300Pro (460mhz w/ 1400mhz DDR3) which it replaced... the 7600 is 256mb, and the 1300 was 512.

Its all about clock speed, stream processors, pixel pipe lines (pre DX10 cards), core speeds, mem configurations, memory bitrate interface, etc...

So, when shopping for a GPU, keep all of this in mind and research, otherwise it can become expensive to correct a mistake.

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