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i have noticed when at the airport the altimeter may read 138 or 1000 etc and not zero so is it standard procedure to reset the altimeter to zero before starting your flight, also can anyone help with a conversion table to change from millibars to inches.

thanks in advance jimimac

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next to the altimeter dial there is a knob to change the pressure, change this and the altimeter will adjust

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Your altimeter should read the actuall elevation of the airport you are at. Not zero. Press B to set your altimeter.

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thanks i understand now

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Yeah, I love Schipol, where you're technically underwater... Is there a way of finding out the elevation of the airport from ATRAC before landing? I have wondered about this before.

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Elkin Guest

Sorry about that. I am on another computer and I cannot log in with my user name.

Anyway. The only altimeter that should read zero when you are at any airport is the RADALT!!! The BARO ALT is only smart enough to tell how high you are above the ocean.

I am flying for real to Schipol in 2 weeks! I hope it doesn't flood!!!!
It's below sea level.

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Baro altimeter should read "0" on touchdown if you are flying a QFE approach....certainly in the UK.

Elkin Guest

Sorry about that. I am an American pilot and we only use indicated altitude (Set to current press). So when we land, the altimeter reads the airports elevation.

I did not consider your point in my last reply 😉

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