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What's the fastest small plane? What I mean by that is what a the fastest plane that is small, like a F-16 Viper, that kind of size, not big like a B-52. I heard the F-16 Viper was the fastest, and I'm currently using a EF-111 Raven and I got it to go 1000 knots and 74,000 feet. But I want something faster than that.

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In real life the F-16 is quick but not among the fastest (Mach 2.1). F-14 is faster (Mach 2.4) and F-15, faster still (Mach 2.5). F-111 is also capable of around Mach 2.5. You could also try a MiG-29 (Mach 2.3), MiG-31 (Mach 2.eight) or MiG-25 (Mach 3.1 very brief dash top end). Besides the Blackbird, pretty well anything else is in the F-16's speed range or below. Which reminds me, I could never figure out why we Canadians bought the F-18 as an "interceptor" replacement, with a Mach 1.8 top end?! Good luck catching anything with that. (We did get a good deal on them though)

(Taken from many years of reading posted specs on these aircraft)

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Canada has a military? Wow i didn't know that Read

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a cessna citation 10 or a xb-70 i got the xb70 to 1894

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what about the F-22 raptor?

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I think the JSF is faster than the raptor... but I do not have hard figures on that... have to research and get back to you.

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Hi... I would suggest looking at the movie "The Arrow" which was way ahead of any aircraft at the time but due to politics and other problems it
never reached production. This aircraft was the fastest of any fighter at
the time and still might hold some of the records today. Most of the engineers that worked for Avro ended up at NASA. The movie is very interesting and is quite long and leaves you wondering what happened to one of the aircraft that was rescued before they chopped them all up for scrap.

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I wouldn't call the Avro Arrow small... it was huge!

Alphasim sell one and there is a payware coming soon from Xtreme Prototypes.

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