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PMDG on short takeoffs...

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zakaree Trainee

I fly the pmdg 737NG 600,700-900... I love the plane but have been having a slight problem..
I cannnotttt take off from JOHN WAYNE (orange county).. there is never enough runway. the field is known for having a short runway.. but a 737 -767 can still take off. Does anyone else have this issue? am i missing something?
I have my CDU set up for this take off and everything.. yet I always end up in the newport beach mansions

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kieranja First Officer

have you changed the v1 setting? the pmdg is set for 80 percent throttle. just above the enging gauges there two little buttons click the left one so it fliks to the right and the engine limit is 102% then you get up in time. i had same trouble in cardiff when heavy

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kieranja First Officer

its the n1 speed its set to auto as standed so put it on 1 for take of them when u in air put it back to auto. as on fs passangers it dont like to go flat out all the time.

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renesis Trainee

I think it's do do with your trim. You need to trim it back to ease the elevator forces. This should mean a quicker rotation unlike the delayed one you're suffering.

Oh, plus check your take-off weights.

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