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How do I take a screenshot/capture on FS 2004?

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Please help - how do you guys take these screenshots in flight?

What button(s) do I need to press and then where does the picture go?

Any help greatly appreiated


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Pressing the keyboard button Print Scrn/SysRq will capture a screen shot. Then you can use the paste command (Ctrl + V) to place the image in a graphic editor of your choice.

When you capture a screen that data is sent to the clipboard (memory).

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Thank you

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shaun6811 Trainee

Sorry to trouble you again - perhaps us 36yrs old English guys are just stupid!! lol

I hit Printscrn/SysRq so Im sure pic has been taken - what do I do to retrieve it? - I am unfimiliar with clipboard etc - What would I have to do to get pic that has been taken into a folder on desktop for example

Hitting Control+V on desktop seems to do nothing

Look foward to help - thanks

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This is free and what I use. Screen Hunter 4.0


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I'm not sure about that addon, but michlin is completely right. You can't just paste it to the desktop...

1 - Hit the key above "Insert", which is "Print Scrn"
2 - Open "paint" (in programs, "accessories"), THEN press crtl-v, or select "paste" from the menu.
3 - you can then save it as your fave format.


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I have tried screen hunter, screen grabber, screen molester,,,,,
The best is to do the print screen thing. Then bring up paint, then ctrl v then use all the utilities at the left to practice editing the picture to get it the size that you want and such. For example, you can use the cut option to crop off the edges and such. 😀

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Thanks for all your help!!!

Ive captured pic - got it into paint and got it to desktop - thank you all so much for help - first time I have posted on here - Great response - will be a regular here - lets hope I can help someone in near future too

Thanks again

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Like to see some of those shots in the Gallery. You'll find the gallery on Fly Away homepage.

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