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I defy anyone who says otherwise. Group Wave Wacko Off Topic! Bow Down Umm... Ass Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Punk

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kieranja First Officer

i would say thats just playing as loud as you can and screeming. not proper music.

theses are true rock and roll stars but with awsome music.

watch all the song and u see what i talking about

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cheezyflier First Officer

i was in a priest cover band back in the day. (stop laughing!)
we played any requested song all the way up to ram it down. we also did an ac/dc show, and black sabbath show. we were pretty good but as a cover band we mostly played bars and parties. no one rocks harder than judas preist. that said, it is a cruel irony that causes the very definition of 80's coolness (rob halford) to be a flaming fag. before we knew about this, i used to go around dressed like k.k. downing as if it was normal every day attire. i had his stage outfit from screaming for vengance totally copied, right down to the white "v"

the other guitarist in the band would do angus young for our ac/dc shows dressed in the schoolboy uniform, and he did angus better than angus.
or sabbath show was good, but no one does ozzy like ozzy used to.

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