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HOUSTON, June 24 – Atlantic International Flight Simulation Association (AIV) Board of Directors and Chairman are pleased to announce our corporate overview of our new virtual organization. Below you will find our plan for operations.


Atlantic International Flight Simulation Association, parent company of Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) is a non-profit 501(c) (7) tax exempt volunteer hobby organization for simulation pilots, an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using flight simulator software.

AIV prefers not to call itself a "virtual airline," but rather a virtual organization. While simulating real world operations in flight simulator is a goal, AIV wants to promote and teach all forms of aviation. AIV would like to be a learning tool, where flight simulator users can come to experience a new level of both real and virtual aviation.

AIV is a privately held organization with a Board of Directors comprised of investors and real world aviation experience workers. The Board of Directors shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at their annual meeting. The CEO is responsible for the day and to day operations AIV and will report to the board of directors regarding the achievement of our ends within established limitation. The CEO will implement our future plan and lead the organization into the future using critical reasoning skills and his or her abilities to make precise decisions. The CEO will create a strategic plan that will not only generate participation and partnership, but also funds and volunteers to sustain the future of AIV. The CEO will work with the board of directors and other departments which in the organization to make AIV a catalyst for a bright and lasting future of virtual aviation.

The overview plan will serve as the fundamental instrument by which AIV shall be managed. Wherever operation policy or procedures conflict with the overview, the executive committee shall intercede on behalf of the board of directors and decide how to resolve such conflict. Only the board of directors or their CEO shall have the right to modify this overview. This overview plan will be created during the first meeting of the executive staff.


The mission of Atlantic International Virtual is to provide our membership an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic to advanced piloting skills on flight simulation software.

Vision Statement

Atlantic International Virtual will always be responsive to our members and ensure all their experiences will be convenient, efficient and pleasing.


Atlantic International Virtual goals are to provide a successful organization that continues to aid realistic operation as real world airlines. AIV will be the breeding ground of tomorrow's pilots. AIV will instill the same professional attitude upon its members as real world airlines have upon its own employees and customers.


To create and maintain a scholarship fund program. This program will assist aspiring virtual pilots with financial aid for their aviation endeavors. The details of such a scholarship fund are currently being discussed.

To hold an annual conference where members will meet and greet each other. AIV will invite our VA partners and sponsors to join us to discuss virtual aviation and how we AIV better prepare the futures pilots. AIV will plan such event under the direction of the Sr. VP of Corporate Operations.

To create and provide a Training Program where virtual pilots AIV continue to learn about new subjects in the field of aviation. The AIV Training Center will be available on the internet where pilots AIV learn everything from basic to advanced piloting skills to ensure they will be both a proficient virtual and real world pilot.

To establish a Flight Dispatch System, virtual air to ground reporting and communication system (ACARS) and automatic pilot reporting system (APRS). This system will work through Microsoft's Flight Simulator program and will further enhance the realism of our project.

To hold monthly online events where pilots AIV fly and communicate with each other on VATSIM.

To publish a quarterly publication where AIV will communicate important issues to our members, partners, sponsorships and donors regarding AIV organization. The publications will consist of members, staff, events, and future plans. Members of AIV will be able to submit articles for their peers to read.

To continue researching and developing the latest enhanced technology for flight simulator so virtual pilots may have the greatest resources at their fingertips while learning about real world airline operations.

To create and maintain a staff and membership recognition program which members will be recognized and award of their services and dedication to enhancing the flight simulator community and aviation in general.

To promote real world airlines operations through the real world community and virtual aviation community. The majority of the Atlantic International Virtual Staff is under the direction of real world aviation employees, and will strive to ensure their company's name is held with dignity and respect.


Atlantic International Flight Simulation Association is brought to you by real world airline pilots, and corporate airline employees. Together they are proud to present Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) operation plan, we are expecting to open up six domiciles in the United States, one European domicile along with one Asian domicile. AIV Fleet Development Department will develop nine fully painted popular aircrafts from manufactures such as Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer. AIV Corporate and System Operations Management Department will develop international and domestic routes including transatlantic, trans-pacific, Hawaiian, Caribbean routes. Servicing popular areas such as the America’s, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. AIV Flight and Airport Operations Department will provide a realistic experience to the real world airline operations. We will provide virtual pilot training, dispatch service, yearly recurrent training, domicile management (including chief pilot positions), and produce an ACARS system, optional pilot bidding system and much more. For hiring inquires or information about Atlantic International Flight Simulation Association, please contact our Corporate Communications Dept at

The Atlantic International Virtual website will be maintained and monitored 24 hours a day. The AIV Staff will ensure that the members of AIV have the best tools at their fingertips to enhance their aviation education. AIV should never be, at any time, the sole reference for information of a new pilot. AIV will, however, act as a community based on helping each other in all forms of aviation. The website will consist of numerous pages, to be determined at a later date. There, however, will be an online forum for members to post queries regarding any aviation topic.AIV will hire its staff through a simple, yet uniform, hiring process. The virtual aviation community will be given at least a two week notice of a job opening at AIV. In that two week period, members may submit their application to our Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Departments will then review and discuss all applications to determine which person is most suitable to represent AIV in the virtual aviation community. The hiring process will not discriminate those with little or no aviation background and there will be no strict qualifications for any job. These staff is unpaid volunteers committed to the future of virtual organizations such as AIV and the future of aviation as a whole.

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