reinstall Vista....two new issues


I had to re-install Vista because got new MOBO and 8800GTS, but now I dont have ATC voice under FSX and also when i go into Window mode it displays fine at full screen
I like running window mode sometimes....

any ideas

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have you installed all of the new drivers.

Guest assuming you mean system drivers (Audio, etc)....I can hear engine sounds fine, just not ATC voice

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Ensure that your "Volume" is coming through your speakers and not attempting to come through a "modem" port" or thinks there is a MOBO sound device. This problem has been seen before. It was fixed by going into the Device Mgr. and disabling an "old" sound driver that was left hanging around. It was verified by clicking on the Volume Icon in the tray. When it was clicked on the only sound was the clicking sound however, the engine sounds were coming through the speakers. It was quite odd.

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