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Hey all,

Just for anyone that doesn't normally buy "PC PILOT" magazine, there are some absolutely superb freeware planes on the free Cover CD this month.

There's a guy called David Maltby who is renowned for creating superb add-ons and the magazine includes 4 planes by him :-

- Vickers VC10
- Hawker Siddley Trident
- Dehavilland Comet 4B
- BAC 1-11

As you can see, the theme is "British Jets"..... the exterior models are BETTER than most Payware... superb, some of the jets are in their bare metal (unpainted except for logos) and you really get the dirty ambience coming across..... You get great Panels that reflect the 60s period, with old versions of AutoPilots etc.

These beasts take some getting off the ground (a lot of Flaps), as most were underpowered, but are fab once you're up.

The Cover CD, also include a SUPERB motorized Glider - the Diamond HK36.

Now this little plane looks just like the Diamond DA20 Katana that is available at the moment as Payware, for £19.99 except it is smaller but with longer wings.... but in my (humble) opinion, this freeware HK35 is far better than the Katana.... it flies better, looks better and sounds better - and it's FREE !!

The mag is published in the UK but is also distributed in the US, so should be grabbable to most... it costs £3.40 in the UK which is a bargain considering the quality of the add-ons that have been given away in this edition.

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Elkin Guest

Right on GPS!!!!

I am heading off to Border's (Book store) to nab it!!

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