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New to the game - intro-post, and 2 Q's ;-)


Hello everyone, (For those who are low on time - please skip this thread, not worth your time Wink

Firstly, I've not spotted an "Introduction" section, so I hope this post is allowed in "General"...

I have just recently having started playing FS2004, after having gained some basic knowledge on Flight Unlimited II and FS 98, and just on the look-out for some info about it on the web google kindly pointed me to this forum, amongst others 🙂
The majority goes way over my head still, and I am totally overwhelmed with all the add-ons and side-programming there seems to be to the game, much more as expected but It will be a while before I can use these properly, and I'll probably fail misarably in my future-first attempt to install a new aircraft or something 😀

For the moment, while reading (digging Surprised) through this forum, some questions came back to mind I've had over my first approx +/-150 hours I've spent on FS2004 now (that includes all and every available lesson before creating any flight, reading all of ground school and so was a long way to start playing a game 😀).

Anyway - I've seen a few threads in relation to it, but not really answering exactly it:

In the hope I have not overlooked some really obvious threads; (being a forummoderator of a support forum I know how annoying this may be to forum authorities - my apologies in advance)
as I dont like flying on unlimited fuel - I land every now and then to get some more fuel there are a few airports where the refuelling stations are quite easy to find, i.e. in vincinity of cargo bays, hangars, parkings etc. but yesterday I found myself taxiing 4 laps around all of JFK and for the life of me I could not find it Neutral
As my GPS indicated refuelling is available at JFK, I made one more lap around, but then gave up since it was 3 AM and there was little sleep left before work again Neutral.
Eventhough the learning center is quite useful, I did not encounter any airport ground advisories, helpfiles, plans/maps or anything of that nature.
Wanting to avoid cheating on realism by simply pressing a key to load some more of it..😀 Are there any overviews, directions, maps, plans or stuff of that nature to help me navigating to the gas stations at airports, or is the only way really visually spotting it when taxiing around all of JFK, CdG, AMS, etc.etc. ??

Second thing that I noticed here,
The-GPS-Kid qrote

the 747 ducks out at 550mph, most of the Airbuses give up at 500mph or 520mph, but the venerable old 737 can make 565mph.

I flew the 747 for the first time last night, and it stopped at 550 kias (in the quote it says mph?)
Now what surprised me, was " the 737 can make 565" - presuming this is knots, and presuming it is the default 737-400 - whenever I get over 350, I meet the barber pole, and have to slow down for overspeed :s
At flightlevels up to FL330 I have not managed to accelerate it above 350 kias, so obviously I am missing something. Any hints in the right direction would be appreciated.

Anyway - Thank you for this forum, it has been a very interesting 2 hours worth of reading for me so far, lots of new stuff - also things within my grasp 😀
I totally love the game, I'm very impressed with all the detail, ATC, IFR, Aircraft control and everything that the game comes with, and I'll spend many more hours on it.
So chances are, I'll be back here as well whenever I get stuck...Smile

I hope you do not mind the long post, but rather than visiting for the first time and leaving a two-line question without even saying hi always seems kind of rude to myself.
If I've wasted anyone's time - please check the first line again; I warned you ! Wink

Thank you, and best regards,


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spuddi Guest

I don't see that it is cheating realism to load the fuel from the key. If you think about it the jets don't drive to the refueling pump in real life. they wait for the truck to come to them at the normal gates.

As for how to actually find the pump at the big airports you maybe could take a little aircraft/heli up and fly low around the airports and look for them and then make a note of the location for when you come back with the big jets.

As for the KIAS and the old 350kias and the 500mph business. The speed in knots is indicated airspeed which is not really true to the 500mph, which is more like ground speed.

The best think to compare like for like is to notice the MACH, you will probably find that the mach speed you are able to do (say .90) is more in line with the published figures.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi - and welcome ARD-DC !

My quotes on th maximum Cruising speeds for the planes was most certainly in mph - a 747 travelling at 550kts would most probably break up in the air! 😂

It's also worth mentioning that these are the maximum cruising speeds - you can get the planes to flyer faster than these speeds but risk chronic or acute structural damage, (depending on how much you're exceeding them!).

A last major pointer for you is that the higher you go in altitude, the less accurate IAS (Indicated Airspeed) becomes. Typically, if you fly the Legendary 727 add-on plane for FS2004 at 36,000, your indicated Airspeed could be showing for instance 330 kts..... In reality, it's likely that the True Airspeed (TAS) will be closed to 380 kts.... so knowing true air or ground speed can be difficult.

So, in your posting where you've said that "at flight levels up to FL33 I've not managed to accelerate above 350KIAS" the likelihood is you'd be going a lot faster than that - but your Indicated Airspeed was only showing 350kts.

Welcome to the forum - you'll find a great mix - flyers of old planes, flyers of Big Jets, flyers of Gliders - something for everyone.

Happy flying !

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Sorry Spuddi - I hadn't seen your post and duplicated some of your advice.

What Spuddi said about using MACH is excellent advice - I would usually switch to a Mach display once I'be above FL18.


Thanks for the replies both, and the nice welcome Wink

I understand where I went wrong now; switching from Display Indicated to Display True airspeed helped noticing where I went wrong ...🙂

I think I'll leave the 'flying faster than max' for now until I figure out how to get rind of the annoying "overspeed" alarm Wink

Spuddi, yeh sounds like a good idea, first take a little helicopter around an airport I'm planning to pay a visit to 🙂

I'm off to read and learn some more 🙂

C u 's later,

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Welcome, ARD! Don't mind my Avatar and signature images, I'm a HUGE Rammstein fan, so they're just pictures from them!

I noticed you had some questions about the speed, as well as refueling. I am aware that people have answered your questions as well, but i figured a little bit more information didnt hurt anyone.

Firstly, I have NEVER gotten the "park at the fuel thingy" to work, so, what I do is this. If I'm going to continue on a flight, and i want more gas, I hit ALT, then I go to the AIRCRAFT tab. After clicking that, I go to the FUEL AND PAYLOAD, enter in the desired values, and pretend a gas truck came and refueled me.

Secondly about speed. I would strongly suggest switching back to Indicated Airspeed after you get your bearings, reason being: Most manuals refer to KIAS or Knots Indicated Air Speed (if i remember right, thats what it stands for). I also refer to KIAS, and i think a lot of the heavy jet guys here do as well.

As spuddi said, use the mach number, its a lot easier at higher altitudes. You'll get different readings on the mach and the airspeed if you use the true airspeed option instead of the indicated 🙂

Elkin Guest

Welcome to the best sim site!!!

Elkin Guest

Several things: 1- I appologise for all those who know me. It appears that I am not logged in. I am not. I am, as you know transient and am on another computer and it will not allow me to post. The only way I can post is by being logged out.

2- Welcome newguy!! Let me tell you. I am new to FS9 also. 2 months ago I was overwhelmed with the sim and all it's addons. I searched like crazy for a support forum. I tried all of them. THIS site is buy far the most; kind, informative, helpful, interisting, dynamic,,,,, I can go on and on.

You wrote something about- for those that,,,, skip this thread.' Well I read every line.

Feel free to ask any of us anything!!!!! unlike other sites, these folks here are A#1!!!!!!!! 2 months ago I could not install an addon aircraft. NOW I can almost build an aircraft!!!
In any case I can addon and modify aircraft. ALL due to the assistance I have received here.

Welcome again. You will find this site and it's people VERY helpful!!!!!!


ARD-DC Guest

Well Elkin, my first impression of the people here is definately very positive, given all your replies Wink

At Fire_Emblem_Master, The refuel thingy definately works for me 😳
The one at Schiphol I tried, it's near the Cargo bays of MartinAir, East side of the Apt complex if I am not mistaken.
Inbetween two buildings that are standing so close you have to back out hundred yards with a 747 because you can't turn 😂
Drive straight up, the nose touching the pump, did the trick for me.
What I noticed in FS98 (yeah - I know) was that you do need to park in a specific way before it will work, taxiing past it for example, won't work.
The nose of your aircraft nearly has to touch the fuel-thing.
And it doesn't "fill up", it jumps from xx to full after waiting a little while.

I noticed the importance of paying attention to your fuel, when I was halfway inbetween Glasgow and JFK, happily cruising over the atlantic at FL330 in my 737, and realised I didnt have enough fuel to make it to JFK, nor to turn around back to Glasgow Neutral.....

Anyway - I'll take all your advise and switch to Mach readings when at cruise level, although I have to become a bit familiar with that first...
Km/h, mph, kias etc. have a certain "value", but Mach really doesn't 'mean' anything yet to me.

It's like switching currencies, you know what you are paying and how much that is worth in your own currency, But if I am used to USD, and I'd go to Turkey and make payments in their Turkish Lira I am clueless 😀

Oh well I'm drifing offtopic....
/Off to find a next exciting flightplan 🙂

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michlin First Officer


Welcome aboard !!! 😀

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