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Well, I downloaded the program! Nothing short of AMAZING!!! Now we also have to decide whether or not we want to have a music file(s) playing in the background. And I can password it so that when the person actually registers, they get a unlock password for the screensaver as well!


if you guys don't want me to...i wont make the screensaver, and someone else can do it 😞


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I personally don't use a screen saver any longer ( I had the Starship Voyager).
I can't speak for Flyaway, but if you build a nice one I'm sure he'll find room to post it in our 2004 utility downloads (you have to have a DC-3 in there 🙄 ).


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Radarman, I want a DC-3 In there, but i want YOUR DC-3! If Davec can do it, ask him to take a cool shot of the "Radarman's Bird" DC-3! It'll take top priority!

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I'm actually a SETI fan and run Seti@Home on all of my computers - that's my current screensaver.

Yes, of course we could post it on the Utilities sections - DC3 permitting 😂

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This is the coolest idea that has come along in a while. I think the screen saver thought is great. A good idea and allows us to use the creativity that many, most and all here have. No doubt the Sim community is cool. Also the saver could be a good tool for Fly Away Flight Sim. WE WILL BE REPRESENTIN '!! 🙂

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