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Quick Question About My System

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Jared Captain

I am wanting to up grade my system for FSX since I am currently getting roughly around 12 fps. My system specs are:

Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz processor
512 RAM
Nvidia 5500 256MB video card (im not 100% sure about that)
I am not sure about my sound card either

Any suggestions about upgrades to my system?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Memory, You need minimum 1gb but should have 2, and If you can video card but processor is fine.

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Jared Captain

So adding another gig of memory should increase my fps? Also if i were to upgrade my video card, wich would you recommend? I would need an AGP interface though.


737FLIER wrote:

Memory, You need minimum 1gb but should have 2, and If you can video card but processor is fine.

1 GB is nothing these days.
you should start with 2 GB.

744simpilot Guest

Duel Core is better than P4

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I too suggest you get 2GB of additional RAM. The AGP video card depends on your budget, use the links below to search for the proper card for you.



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mdaskalos First Officer

Check out your system THOROUGHLY!!

2.8GHz says to me: Potentially Socket 478

and Socket 478 sez No DDR2, No PCI video, etc.

Find out what CPU socket you have, and whether your motherboard uses DDR RAM or DDR2 (although I'm guessing if you've got an Nvidia 5500, then you're DDR, and the graphic port is AGP (or at the very worst case, it's PCI))

In short, your system may very well be developmentally dead-ended, or close to it. There are some pretty nice AGP cards out there now, but they have a pretty hefty price premium over their PCI-Express counterparts.

PC3200 RAM (DDR) is more expensive than PC6400 (DDR2) RAM.

So I guess I'm saying it might not be worth putting extra money into improving that system, because the parts you purchase to do that job will very likely be unuseable in any new system.

Oh, yeah, one more: If your CPU is Socket 478, I've found that FSB 800MHz Socket 478-CPUs don't necessarily work in FSB 533MHz Socket 478 Motherboards.

There are extra pitfalls like that involved in upgrading old systems.

If you're REALLy tied trying to extend the life of that system, then either the RAM or the vid card is the best route. I think the fastest CPU you can put in a socket 478 is 3.06 GHz, so it won't be that big of a boost.


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