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More Concorde Images

AnthonyG Guest

A while back I posted some screenshots of my Concorde flights. Here's some more using the Concorde available at

In no particular order...

An evening cruise back to Heathrow from New York. Max cruise climb enabled with the INS navigating across the pond.

Decelerating from Mach 2 in Alpha Charlie.

High attitude approach into Singapore Changhi Airport.

Afterburners have just been relit for the supersonic acceleration having departed Cairo.

The canarise departure from runway 31L at Kennedy Intl. This is by far my favourite take off from any aiport.

Flying the canarsie approach into runway 13L at Kennedy Intl. I always have full control of every takeoff and landing, and this is certainly one of the more challenging to fly into.

On Stand at Heathrow Terminal 4 Gate 20. The cranes on the horizon are for the construction of Terminal 5.

In the classic colours in happier times, a light load departure to Shannon to fly circuits.

Terminal 5 can be seen here in a very overcast typical bristish summer sky.

Departure from Boston. This is a fairly new route to me, and this was my first departure from Logan Intl.

Climbing into the clear blue sky on route from Boston to London Heathrow

Having just passed Mach 1.3, the air intake ramps start to lower to avoid too much air travelling through the engines

A very overcast sky over Heathrow as we approach runway 09R

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Looks great, the panel is very detailed and the exterior model looks accurate. You have some nice screen shots.Thumbs Up!

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JP (jpalmer2004) First Officer

Nice shots....I never could get a handle on the concorde...So i salute anybody who can fly it lol....Great job!!!.....Whats your flight time from JFK to Heathrow?

AnthonyG Guest

Thanks! It took me some time to master it but it's VERY rewarding when I land after a supersonic cruise. Heathrow to JFK takes about 3h20mins, and even in the cruise there's enough dials to monitor and INS' to update enroute.

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Beautiful screenshots of an awesome aircraft! Nicely flown too Very Happy .

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E-mage First Officer

excellent shots mate!

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Thumbs Up!

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bawls327 Chief Captain

I like them and I know the concorde got taking out of business can someone tell me why.

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JP (jpalmer2004) First Officer

That sure beats the 7 plus hour Cool

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Fantastic shots!

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