are there any AFCAD "packs" out there with multipl

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I just installed some freeware AI traffic aircraft and I think I'm discovering the limitations of the default AFCAD files. I just did a flight from KATL to KMIA and noticed what I think is a lack of aircraft at the terminals. I'd say I saw 10 aircraft at each airport during my taxi which seems unrealistically low. Are there any AFCAD packs out there that modify the AFCAD files of many airports at a time, or am I forced to download a bunch of individual AFCADs?

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Yes there are afcad packs with other peoples poo-poo, over 200 parking spots, mostly blocked, ten taxiways that all lead into one start position with stuck aircraft all over. parking spots that are blocked. run the error thingy on afcad and theres dozons of mistakes. they have the wrong runways taking off and landing. taxing aircraft crossing the runways, a no-no in FS.
its looks like you need some parking, so if yer smart , learn it yerself with the lastest AFCAD 2 point somethin or another, you can add visual taxiways and other stuff and work out a efficient airport.

poo-poo Guest

some afcads are a blessing that someone took the time to do and uploaded it to a site!!
like small commuter airlines, compile the flight plans into Ttools and Ttools cannot find a airport, it usually needs AFCAD work if thats the case(some are the airport name had changed). so you have to enter the airport txt. only then never to know what afcad needs work.
find the airport in AFCAD and sometimes its just no parking, sometimes there is no Afcad work on it at all, no taxiways, hold shorts ect.. nothing!
then to find one that somebody did from scratch like that is a blessing, for a little editing is all that is nessasary!
Think PAI had some package with big mistakes in them. if yer interested.
watch out for the stalkers tho, and the threats and hackers!

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